This blog'll have a bunch of stuff, most of it being Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Digimon, Pokemon, Wander Over Yonder, Teen Titans, Gargoyles... As well as awesome art by fellow artists. I'm Buya on FR, User ID: 18355
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But guys, these are not Ratchet’s eyebrows. They’re just helm ornaments.


His actual eyebrows are black and usually almost fully hidden under the helm.




Track: Transformers Prime Soundwave Edit
Artist: Wastelands
Album: some other stuff


I did another transformers prime theme song. This time I made it more of an 8-bit intro and used soundwave’s voice in it. (includes spoilers i guess) but there is dubstep. I hope you like it.  


i lost 2 followers for this post

swellows said: maybe throw it out of the shower after you’re done so when you get out its on the floor and ur like. shit

i’d be more likely to trip on the damn thing i swear to god it’s borderline invisible

Anonymous asked: TMI Tue: How often do you like to masturbate, and how?

swellows said: sharpies are a good alternative

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